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Empowering customer success through cutting-edge technologies

Outstanding technical expertise in RF product development

From Oulu,
the technology capital of the northern Europe

Radioul was established by ten former Esju employees, driven by a shared commitment to extending the tradition of radio design excellence since 1991. Our choice of name, ‘Radioul’ draws inspiration from Oulu, renowned as the birthplace of radio, where ‘Radio’ combines with ‘Oulu’ to create ‘Radioul’. 

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Professional RF development and R&D services with comprehensive experience

Radioul offers a comprehensive range of RF product development and R&D services, encompassing everything from product updates to the execution of entirely new, full-scale projects. In full-scale projects, we extend our support from the initial product specification phase to approval testing and the introduction of new products into manufacturing.

Sine wave, Radioul, contact